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The Medium is Pressible 

An excerpt from my Pressible network post, The Medium is Pressible: Then along came Ev Williams‘ Medium, and now Medium has Bright, a curated selection of Medium articles focused on education. Is Pressible still relevant? It’s helpful to think of Pressible as a local-but-still-networked version of Bright: a place to “easily write and share a story without the setup, …

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The State of Pressible 

This site is a very good example of the current state of the Pressible universe: ... Sometimes it's good to have a place to try out new ideas! P.S. We hope you make it back someday.

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Under the hood – Javascript.  ☆

WordPress is not the only great tool we use to develop Pressible. We also rely upon the jQuery Javascript framework as well as some other JS tools. Javascript allows us to control our design and user interaction more fluidly, and jQuery allows us to do it quickly. WordPress now ships with jQuery installed, not to …

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Discussion of the new “root” site 

What should be on the homepage of Pressible? That was the subject of a development meeting today. We talked about the balance between showing off content that's on the Pressible network, and giving a potential new user (author) an overview of how Pressible works. In the end, balancing these two goals seems like the way …

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What’s Next In Web Design 

I was reading this article on Information Architects web site about the features and design strategies IA expects to take hold in the near future. I found the following quote to be especially relevant to the Pressible project and wanted to include it hear as a point of reference. Instead of piling up features, web …

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WordPress 2.9 

WordPress 2.9 was released at the end of last week and has some features that are worth noting. Here is the WP blog post about the release. From a user's perspective: A simple image editor is now built into the post interface. It allows for users to crop, rotate, and scale their images. This seems …

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