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A Good Meeting about Identity 

Brian and I just had a meeting with one of our partners from the Arts and Humanities department where we discussed ideas about future features and iterations of Pressible. The Pressible team tries to focus on outreach with our existing users as much as possible so it is nice to be able to sit down and …

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Who Are We? 

That was the question we were charged with answering at today's seminar at the EdLab. Each work-group was asked how they would want to be described to visitors to the Lab. With half of the Pressible team either ill or on vacation after the 1.3 release last week, Brian and I dared to represent the …

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The Data Question 

While we've posted a lot of information about our development of Pressible, there hasn't been much talk of research. Luckily, the Pressible team sits within earshot of the R&D team for EdLab. Pressible does and will generate a slew of data; but our team has not spent much time thinking about fully-developed research questions that …

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Preparing for the 0.2 release 

We had a final meeting this afternoon to tie up the loose ends as we prepare to deploy Pressible 1.2 tomorrow afternoon. Still a bit left to do but spirits are high, even as Patrick fights with the HP touchscreen computer whilst performing browser testing on a certain cantankerous browser. But with the good news …

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Planning Meeting for 0.2 

An epic planning meeting took place this morning/afternoon, buoyed by high spirits from the 1.1 release and blood-sugar stabilizing snacks. We talked about Pressible 1.2 and beyond, about bringing on interns, about the many futures of Pressible. Exciting, inspiring stuff. Some possibility-highlights to get you'all excited for the next release: Possible text-widget in the sidebar …

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We've been hearing rumblings from various people. Not scary, thunderous rumblings; more like hungry stomachs. People are hungry for two things: customization options especially for the header, and search functionality. As I mentioned earlier, we're adding a cool feature that populates header-image boxes with images from the site. That will be a first step toward …

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Preparing for 0.1 

Pressible 0.1 released last week, and now we're looking to the improvements for the 0.1.1 release. We met today to discuss the options, write a list, and get back in gear. Here are a few highlights we're hoping to accomplish for the next release: a real maintenance page for when we do system-wide updates (like …

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