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Thanks Luke! 

We had the pleasure of receiving a little positive feedback from Luke over at Baruch College about our Wordpress presentation.   He is actually working on a blog project for their school as well (called "Blogs@Baruch", members only access).  We appreciate the positive words and look forward to talking to you about stuff like this …

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Posts instead of Pages 

The Question The Pressible Team has been asked why Pressible doesn't allow for more Page-creation options. For example, the following issues have been raised by a Pressible User (who is an author and also a site administrator): Information in Posts get buried beneath other Posts A Post doesn't feel like a "landing page" A Page could be …

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Evaluation of WP LaTeX Plugin 

We received the following request: Would it be possible to add the following WordPress plugin to pressible? As Pressible grows we anticipate requests for WordPress plugins to increase. This post will illustrate some of the steps we take to evaluate if a plugin makes sense and is worth supporting network wide. First we asked ourselves …

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“Can’t my Pressible site be a more customizable CMS?” 

Patrick, Eric, and i just had a great talk about this question. It arose (again) from an example case: the user that has a bunch of content (say, 100 posts), and a clear idea of how they should be interconnected. Now, it's not that Pressible doesn't already have a solution for that – we've got …

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