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TC Program Snapshot  ☆

Thanks to our sign-up form, we have “TC Program” information for the last 200 Authors to sign up (out of 1,072 Authors affiliated with TC programs or offices). The number of Authors in each program/area is as follows: Adult Learning and Leadership - 1 Anthropology and Education - 1 Applied Statistics - 1 Art & …

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Under the hood – Javascript.  ☆

WordPress is not the only great tool we use to develop Pressible. We also rely upon the jQuery Javascript framework as well as some other JS tools. Javascript allows us to control our design and user interaction more fluidly, and jQuery allows us to do it quickly. WordPress now ships with jQuery installed, not to …

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A New “Root” Site (Version 0.3)  ☆

We're up and running with a cool new homepage. We’ve begun adding features we see as essential to the future of the network model of publishing: up-to-date information on sites and users, data visualization of network activity, and links to the best content on Pressible. This includes: Links to the newest sites. Though these sites …

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Pressible 0.1 debuted today  ☆

Quite an effort by the team on Friday, then some debugging over the weekend, and finally some tweaking to the copy this morning and... we did it! 0.1 is live, and here is the announcement on the EdLab blog (with donuts in the EdLab).

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Seminar Outcomes: Nov. 19th  ☆

We presented ProjectPress to EdLab today, and at the end asked them for ideas about existing or potential projects/sites would benefit from using ProjectPress. Here are their (awesome) ideas: - Fiscal Responsibility Project - Let Freedom Swing - TC Social Venture Competition - TC Assets - TC Record - AfterEd - NYS Finance Project - …

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