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Talking Entrepreneurship 

I'm excited to have the chance to visit a Teachers College class today (ORLA 4501: Entrepreneurship and Education) and discuss Pressible and related communications strategies. Pressible is a publishing platform developed (and currently hosted) by the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. Here are some things individuals and groups can do with Pressible: Publish! (share written …

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Wordcamp NYC 2010 

If you're interested in hearing about the process of developing Pressible, make your way down to Baruch College's "vertical campus" this weekend. Eric Buth and Patrick Carey will be discussing Pressible at Wordcamp on Saturday. Check back soon for details about their presentation!

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Pressible Workshops and Office Hours 

If you're just discovering Pressible, or have some questions you'd like to have answered by the team, we are hosting a Workshop series (Tuesday, September 7th, and Wednesday September 15th) at 4:00pm in the Second Floor Collaboration Space.   We are holding office hours right this very minute 2nd Floor Collaboration space, and will be …

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Live Post: Gus Andrews’ Media Show Case Study 

We are well into the launch event for Pressible, and I am currently watching Gus Andrews give a talk on the Media Show. Three prongs of the case study: Student oriented - production of MS as a means of teaching video production Teacher oriented - MS as a media literacy teaching tool Anyone oriented - …

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Pressible Launch at the Gottesman Libraries 

I'm very excited about our upcoming community launch event for Pressible. After four months of supporting the beta version, and six months of development, we are committing to a stable feature-set. We're going to call this version of Pressible our "1.0" (and adjust some of our past descriptions accordingly). We haven't finished building Pressible – …

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“The Summer of Pressible” EdLab Seminar 

We are a mere 13 days from the official launch of Pressible 1.0 on June 1st! To get the rest of the Lab geared up for what we've begun calling "The Summer of Pressible," we're presenting at the weekly EdLab Lunchtime Seminar outlining our ideas, our features, and our hopes for the summer. The Lab's …

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Pressible Seminar @ EdLab 

I am taking notes from EdLab where Patrick is giving a seminar on Pressible use right now! Some questions asked: "How can visitors to the site add themselves to a site?" They can't yet, but we are working on a way to make that happen. "How can I add site analytics and visuals of site …

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