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The Medium is Pressible 

An excerpt from my Pressible network post, The Medium is Pressible: Then along came Ev Williams‘ Medium, and now Medium has Bright, a curated selection of Medium articles focused on education. Is Pressible still relevant? It’s helpful to think of Pressible as a local-but-still-networked version of Bright: a place to “easily write and share a story without the setup, …

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Posts instead of Pages 

The Question The Pressible Team has been asked why Pressible doesn't allow for more Page-creation options. For example, the following issues have been raised by a Pressible User (who is an author and also a site administrator): Information in Posts get buried beneath other Posts A Post doesn't feel like a "landing page" A Page could be …

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A New “Root” Site (Version 0.3)  ☆

We're up and running with a cool new homepage. We’ve begun adding features we see as essential to the future of the network model of publishing: up-to-date information on sites and users, data visualization of network activity, and links to the best content on Pressible. This includes: Links to the newest sites. Though these sites …

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Planning Meeting for 0.2 

An epic planning meeting took place this morning/afternoon, buoyed by high spirits from the 1.1 release and blood-sugar stabilizing snacks. We talked about Pressible 1.2 and beyond, about bringing on interns, about the many futures of Pressible. Exciting, inspiring stuff. Some possibility-highlights to get you'all excited for the next release: Possible text-widget in the sidebar …

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Design Round-Up 

Before we all left for Thanksgiving last week, we met to review some of the site-designs Gonzalo mocked up. He came up with some really sleek, multi-functional visual elements like personal icons (gravitars) that act almost as bullet-points visually, and will still have the functionality to take a user to that person's bio page. We …

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Blueprint CSS 

Blueprint CSS Framework is the grid-based CSS framework I am leaning towards using for the next stage of Project Press development. It is a very elegant framework allowing for fast layout development. I also think it will help guide our effort with "widgetizing" the Project Press theme.

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Initial Design Ideas 

We initially need a color palette, basic design elements, layout ideas, etc

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