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A Good Meeting about Identity 

Brian and I just had a meeting with one of our partners from the Arts and Humanities department where we discussed ideas about future features and iterations of Pressible. The Pressible team tries to focus on outreach with our existing users as much as possible so it is nice to be able to sit down and …

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Pressible 1.0 

We pushed new code over the weekend, and now it's official: Pressible 1.0 is here! There are a lot of things we're excited about, but most notably: Twitter integration. Pressible will tweet for you when you publish a new post. Header makeover. Each Pressible site now allows for uploading a header image. Currently a default …

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Pressible Launch at the Gottesman Libraries 

I'm very excited about our upcoming community launch event for Pressible. After four months of supporting the beta version, and six months of development, we are committing to a stable feature-set. We're going to call this version of Pressible our "1.0" (and adjust some of our past descriptions accordingly). We haven't finished building Pressible – …

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Reaching Beyond “Outreach” 

"Outreach" is an abused term: overused, exploited, and misunderstood. The idea that there is one type of outreach, or a single method for a single product, is obviously absurd. But from politician's "community outreach efforts" to those of big corporations "giving back through outreach," it becomes clear that genuine human interaction is the key to …

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Tags = Keywords 

This is such a nice analogy, yet so easy to forget! Pressible likes tags. Lots of tags. In theory, you can't have enough tags in Pressible so long as they are descriptive, clear, and meaningful. They help site visitors find all the great content on your site. Think of it this way: if posts are …

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The Data Question 

While we've posted a lot of information about our development of Pressible, there hasn't been much talk of research. Luckily, the Pressible team sits within earshot of the R&D team for EdLab. Pressible does and will generate a slew of data; but our team has not spent much time thinking about fully-developed research questions that …

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Pressible 0.1 debuted today  ☆

Quite an effort by the team on Friday, then some debugging over the weekend, and finally some tweaking to the copy this morning and... we did it! 0.1 is live, and here is the announcement on the EdLab blog (with donuts in the EdLab).

Posted 106 months ago by

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Pressible 0.1 is ready for your content 

We are excited to announce the release of Pressible 0.1 today! This is a very experimental release, though we are hoping you (the lab) and others hop on board and give it a try! Please see our features page for more details, but in a nutshell: Pressible is highly "templated" -- meaning that users can't …

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Removing Blog Lingo 

Since we've decided that Pressible and ProjectPress are beyond blogging, Eric and I decided we'd better remove all of the blog language from the site! Here's my documentation of where I see blog language: Pressible Homepage - "Showroom Blog" should be renamed, since it's ours, and it's not a blog (not anything …

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