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The Medium is Pressible 

An excerpt from my Pressible network post, The Medium is Pressible: Then along came Ev Williams‘ Medium, and now Medium has Bright, a curated selection of Medium articles focused on education. Is Pressible still relevant? It’s helpful to think of Pressible as a local-but-still-networked version of Bright: a place to “easily write and share a story without the setup, …

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Reaching Beyond “Outreach” 

"Outreach" is an abused term: overused, exploited, and misunderstood. The idea that there is one type of outreach, or a single method for a single product, is obviously absurd. But from politician's "community outreach efforts" to those of big corporations "giving back through outreach," it becomes clear that genuine human interaction is the key to …

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Tags = Keywords 

This is such a nice analogy, yet so easy to forget! Pressible likes tags. Lots of tags. In theory, you can't have enough tags in Pressible so long as they are descriptive, clear, and meaningful. They help site visitors find all the great content on your site. Think of it this way: if posts are …

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