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“The Summer of Pressible” EdLab Seminar 

We are a mere 13 days from the official launch of Pressible 1.0 on June 1st! To get the rest of the Lab geared up for what we've begun calling "The Summer of Pressible," we're presenting at the weekly EdLab Lunchtime Seminar outlining our ideas, our features, and our hopes for the summer. The Lab's …

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Who Are We? 

That was the question we were charged with answering at today's seminar at the EdLab. Each work-group was asked how they would want to be described to visitors to the Lab. With half of the Pressible team either ill or on vacation after the 1.3 release last week, Brian and I dared to represent the …

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Pressible Seminar @ EdLab 

I am taking notes from EdLab where Patrick is giving a seminar on Pressible use right now! Some questions asked: "How can visitors to the site add themselves to a site?" They can't yet, but we are working on a way to make that happen. "How can I add site analytics and visuals of site …

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Seminar Outcomes: Nov. 19th  ☆

We presented ProjectPress to EdLab today, and at the end asked them for ideas about existing or potential projects/sites would benefit from using ProjectPress. Here are their (awesome) ideas: - Fiscal Responsibility Project - Let Freedom Swing - TC Social Venture Competition - TC Assets - TC Record - AfterEd - NYS Finance Project - …

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