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The Journey Begins 

I am currently working on a Wordpress plugin codenamed Rec Tags Redux. It's top-secret official name will be unveiled at release. The purpose of this plugin is ultimately to modify the "Post Tags" box in the "New Post" page so that it recommends tags for your post based on a) the actual content of the …

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Evaluation of WP LaTeX Plugin 

We received the following request: Would it be possible to add the following WordPress plugin to pressible? As Pressible grows we anticipate requests for WordPress plugins to increase. This post will illustrate some of the steps we take to evaluate if a plugin makes sense and is worth supporting network wide. First we asked ourselves …

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Symlink Fix for the XML Sitemap Feed Plugin 

I posted a fix for RavanH's XML Sitemap Feed plugin that allows it to function behind symlinks and thus be deployed via Capistrano. The change is minor, and the modified code is up on GitHub. For further explanation of the problem, check out this previous post: Problems Detecting WordPress MU in Plugins with PHP’s __FILE__.

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Problems Detecting WordPress MU in Plugins with PHP’s __FILE__ 

I'm a fan of symlink-type deployment scripts such as Capistrano, which is in heavy use in Pressible. It's not perfect, but it's how we deploy most of our non-MU code (plugins, themes, etc.). The basic premise of these scripts is that code is copied from your SCM system into a staging directory, and once everything …

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