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Preparing for the 0.2 release 

We had a final meeting this afternoon to tie up the loose ends as we prepare to deploy Pressible 1.2 tomorrow afternoon. Still a bit left to do but spirits are high, even as Patrick fights with the HP touchscreen computer whilst performing browser testing on a certain cantankerous browser. But with the good news …

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Planning Meeting for 0.2 

An epic planning meeting took place this morning/afternoon, buoyed by high spirits from the 1.1 release and blood-sugar stabilizing snacks. We talked about Pressible 1.2 and beyond, about bringing on interns, about the many futures of Pressible. Exciting, inspiring stuff. Some possibility-highlights to get you'all excited for the next release: Possible text-widget in the sidebar …

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Preparing for 0.1 

Pressible 0.1 released last week, and now we're looking to the improvements for the 0.1.1 release. We met today to discuss the options, write a list, and get back in gear. Here are a few highlights we're hoping to accomplish for the next release: a real maintenance page for when we do system-wide updates (like …

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Meeting Recap: January 7 2010 

Marathon meeting today! Eric and Patrick have been working on NSSE and another "special" project for the past few days which are finally winding down today. It was great for us to collectively turn our attention back to Pressible and revisit our original intentions for the platform and theme. First off, we're still slated for …

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Ideas on Data 

Here's some of our thinking around the data we'll be collecting from Pressible use and users: Learning Applications - Use/data creates more powerful learning tools - "User metrics" will encourage people to use the system - Giving users data about what they're doing will push them to do more - Data makes the site game-y: …

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