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The Medium is Pressible 

An excerpt from my Pressible network post, The Medium is Pressible: Then along came Ev Williams‘ Medium, and now Medium has Bright, a curated selection of Medium articles focused on education. Is Pressible still relevant? It’s helpful to think of Pressible as a local-but-still-networked version of Bright: a place to “easily write and share a story without the setup, …

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A Good Meeting about Identity 

Brian and I just had a meeting with one of our partners from the Arts and Humanities department where we discussed ideas about future features and iterations of Pressible. The Pressible team tries to focus on outreach with our existing users as much as possible so it is nice to be able to sit down and …

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Pressible 1.0 

We pushed new code over the weekend, and now it's official: Pressible 1.0 is here! There are a lot of things we're excited about, but most notably: Twitter integration. Pressible will tweet for you when you publish a new post. Header makeover. Each Pressible site now allows for uploading a header image. Currently a default …

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A New “Root” Site (Version 0.3)  ☆

We're up and running with a cool new homepage. We’ve begun adding features we see as essential to the future of the network model of publishing: up-to-date information on sites and users, data visualization of network activity, and links to the best content on Pressible. This includes: Links to the newest sites. Though these sites …

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Version 0.2 

Today the team pushed (and de-bugged) a new release. There are some exciting incremental changes to design and functionality. Highlights: pagination for lists of posts (site-wide) related content plugin and templating (within a site) threaded comments "theme option" page on dashboard: homepage sidebar text, footer text, and google analytics option And everything else: social sharing …

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Version 0.1.1 

The update to Pressible includes a few big things and a bunch of small stuff (hey: to us it's all big, to others, it's probably all small stuff). New in this release: xml sitemaps (modifying an existing plugin) remove uncatagorized and featured from header set up real maintenance page and workflow remove unused widget areas …

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Preparing for 0.1 

Pressible 0.1 released last week, and now we're looking to the improvements for the 0.1.1 release. We met today to discuss the options, write a list, and get back in gear. Here are a few highlights we're hoping to accomplish for the next release: a real maintenance page for when we do system-wide updates (like …

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WordPress 2.9 

WordPress 2.9 was released at the end of last week and has some features that are worth noting. Here is the WP blog post about the release. From a user's perspective: A simple image editor is now built into the post interface. It allows for users to crop, rotate, and scale their images. This seems …

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