Pressible Seminar @ EdLab

| February 24, 2010

I am taking notes from EdLab where Patrick is giving a seminar on Pressible use right now!

Some questions asked:

  • “How can visitors to the site add themselves to a site?”
    They can’t yet, but we are working on a way to make that happen.
  • “How can I add site analytics and visuals of site hits to the site?”
    We’re adding this in a near-future iteration of Pressible.
  • “Can I click on the picture boxes?”
    Not yet, but we’re designing that functionality soon.
  • “Can I customize how my categories work?”
    Only to a certain extent.
  • “Can I choose what order my categories appear in a list?”
    Nope, categories appear by recency as this is how we envision content will/should be prioritized on active sites.
  • The customization question – what can I customize, why can’t we customize X, how much customization will we be able to do.
    Pressible staff will enable a certain amount of customization to the current theme and even design new child themes. However, any changes we make beyond very simple customizations (i.e. child themes) will be to achieve a new functionality, not simply be a different way of packaging the same thing. We don’t want to make “just another blogging platform” with dozens of poorly-functioning themes. We want to make something that does what you need it to do, and works really well.
  • The way that we privilege content–does that require some type of internet literacy about how content creators treat content?
    Essentially, yes. We then discussed ways we might do this: different set of FAQs, a short video, a quiz to ask potential users “Is Pressible right for you?”
  • “Is there a way to build in a tutorial or something in the site that makes it clear WHAT Pressible does and is good for?”
    Sure! Let’s do it!
  • “What plans do you have for usage analysis, and to what extent will it shape your future design choices?”
    We plan to utilize the analytics we already have in place, plus analyzing how sites perform across the network, to see how people are using Pressible and what makes a successful Pressible site.
  • “Will people be able to embed a feed from their Pressible site somewhere else?”
    Yes, we hope to make this possible in the next release.
  • “What if there were a short quiz that people could take to see if Pressible is right for them?”
    What would that look like? Can R&D help us make one? Let’s go!

Patrick finished with our first (and most awesome) single serving site. Big round of applause for coffee.

The EdLabbers had some great questions, and presented incisive questions that we will definitely take back to our corner of the room and use as we develop 0.2. We’re really lucky we get to develop Pressible in an environment with so many willing experimental users of varied backgrounds and expertise. Thanks, EdLab!!

Update: go to the EdLab website to see the Seminar Snapshot by Skye MacLeod.