Preparing for 0.1

| February 4, 2010

Pressible 0.1 released last week, and now we’re looking to the improvements for the 0.1.1 release. We met today to discuss the options, write a list, and get back in gear. Here are a few highlights we’re hoping to accomplish for the next release:

  • a real maintenance page for when we do system-wide updates (like the last one!)
  • lots of improvements to the header: making it smaller, adding pictures to the small boxes automatically populated from pictures uploaded to the site, adjusting font sizes
  • greater design and language consistency for: headers, subheaders, links, project/tag links, commenting, etc.
  • oEmbed support for media
  • Brightcove support for AfterEd videos
  • Separating Projects in the subheader so that they roll-out separately rather than as one huge block
  • Featured projects show up in the Featured area only (not as a separate project category)
  • General design/aesthetic changes
  • Allow different file types to be uploaded/shared, especially text-based documents.
  • Add root RSS feed to the header
  • Some sort of time-stamping
  • Very good meeting, with a very long 0.1.1 to-do list to come out of it. We learned our lesson last time and have set ourselves a really nice timetable to do this: we’re aiming to have all this (and probably more?) on the afternoon of February 18th.