Planning Meeting for 0.2

| February 23, 2010

An epic planning meeting took place this morning/afternoon, buoyed by high spirits from the 1.1 release and blood-sugar stabilizing snacks. We talked about Pressible 1.2 and beyond, about bringing on interns, about the many futures of Pressible. Exciting, inspiring stuff. Some possibility-highlights to get you’all excited for the next release:

  • Possible text-widget in the sidebar
  • Content-sharing buttons (Twitter? Facebook?)
  • Theme Options page on the backend
  • “By Recency” page on the frontend
  • Ability to flag questionable content
  • Related-content in posts
  • Pressible branding: a logo? a video?

Lots more on the table, but in the interest of maintaining some mystery, we’ll just get to work instead.