Next Steps Meeting, 11/23

| November 28, 2009

We met today to talk about the next stage of development, the Widget Plan.

We defined four unique “pages” that we’ll consider in widgetizing (the quotations denote that our pages do not function in the usual way WP Pages do).

  • Home Page
  • Project Page
  • Author Page
  • Single Post

Our exception pages (those that will not necessarily be part of this Widgetized construction) include:

  • Tag Page (Cloud)
  • People Page
  • Comments by (Fire hose)
  • Blog (Fire hose)

The Widgets will display content under one of the following parameters (where X is defined criteria)

  • Current Xs By Y
  • Current Xs
  • Related Xs

Other Widgets

  • Featured (defined by user)
  • Blog (Uncategorized posts)

These will be developed in tandem with a few design possibilities, which Gonzalo will be spearheading. It was proposed that the ProjectPress 1.0 release date be December 15th, which will include clean, functioning versions of each of the widgets listed above and a clean, neutral layout design that will be automatically enabled when someone uses ProjectPress (i.e. get rid of default WP layout).

(**I may have misused some of the lingo in this post; I am learning by listening to Eric and Patrick, so their comments/edits will be useful for more specificity/accuracy.**)