Live Post: Gus Andrews’ Media Show Case Study

| June 1, 2010

We are well into the launch event for Pressible, and I am currently watching Gus Andrews give a talk on the Media Show.

Three prongs of the case study:

  1. Student oriented – production of MS as a means of teaching video production
  2. Teacher oriented – MS as a media literacy teaching tool
  3. Anyone oriented – MS as a model for creating viral video

Gus’s site is a great repository of information about the production of the show; explanations of media literacy theories, terminology, and pop-culture references; pedagogical examples of instruction through the Media Show. Gus is also hoping to get some episodes of The Media Show into Critter, the EdLab‘s video-based teaching tool.

Gus has some great thoughts about the future of The Media Show, and not just the question of future episodes. The Media Show was the Lab’s first experiment with YouTube and using it as a means of reaching out to a greater audience. By engaging educators, experts in several fields, and deploying the case study to teachers who might use it as part of a media literacy curriculum.

kthx, Dr. Andrews! U r da bestest.