Ideas on Data

| December 17, 2009

Here’s some of our thinking around the data we’ll be collecting from Pressible use and users:

Learning Applications
– Use/data creates more powerful learning tools
– “User metrics” will encourage people to use the system
– Giving users data about what they’re doing will push them to do more
– Data makes the site game-y: by adding competitiveness, the ability to affect order, and personal ownership, people will want to “play” more

Research Applications
– Show what we’re learning about how TC people act and use the site
– General metrics (frequency, length of post, etc.)
– Performance data: actual hits on the web
– Look at subsets of users to determine who is doing well
– Use public performance metrics to show that Pressible performs well on the web
– Use data to show that Pressible is an academic project that performs well publicly