Design Round-Up

| December 1, 2009

Before we all left for Thanksgiving last week, we met to review some of the site-designs Gonzalo mocked up. He came up with some really sleek, multi-functional visual elements like personal icons (gravitars) that act almost as bullet-points visually, and will still have the functionality to take a user to that person’s bio page.

We defined four different types of pages of which we need to be conscious: home page, bio page, project page, and a regular post. In the interest of visual-continuity we came up with a 6-section template that will be easy to modify for the different page types, but will organize the information in an intuitive, chronological and content-specific way.

We also agreed on a few other elements, including numerical representations of content, some basic color schemes, and the possibility for adding photos or logos in the title area.