Talking Entrepreneurship

| February 22, 2011

I’m excited to have the chance to visit a Teachers College class today (ORLA 4501: Entrepreneurship and Education) and discuss Pressible and related communications strategies.

Pressible is a publishing platform developed (and currently hosted) by the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. Here are some things individuals and groups can do with Pressible:

  • Publish! (share written work and media; see examples)
  • Develop transmedia strategies (a hub for FTY)
  • Allow others to “opt-in” to your communications (via rss)
  • Develop an editorial voice: single and multi-author sites
  • Collect analytics

But Pressible is not just a publishing platform – it’s also a type of social networking platform.

Please comment below if you have questions or thoughts on using a tool like Pressible. See Hui Soo and my notes from the first part of class here.